Mercedes-Benz Citaro Bus

PBS Design Approval and Access

Tiger Spider was engaged by Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific (MBAuP) to assist them in obtaining PBS Approval for the Citaro Bus since the Citaro is manufactured to the European overall width limit of 2.55 metres which is 0.05 metres larger than Australian prescriptive regulations permit.

Tiger Spider first sought and was successful in gaining PBS Design Approval from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). Furthermore, Tiger Spider assisted Mercedes-Benz by preparing a report targeted at the NHVR, public transport authorities and road managers to assist them in making an access determination with respect to the Citaro.

The report included an analysis of the PBS standards most affected by bus width: Tracking Ability in a Straight Path (TASP) - Dynamic Width and Low Speed Turning performance (LSSP, FS & TS). Furthermore, it explained the concept of dynamic vehicle width and provided a comparison of dynamic width with narrower 2.5 metre trucks and buses. Tiger Spider also reviewed the Australian regulatory framework for commercial vehicle size and weight and associated issues of harmonization with international vehicle standards and Technical Barriers to Trade. Research into safety issues associated with lane width and relative lane widths between Australia and Europe as also included in addition to a visual impact study of the Citaro against a typical 2.5 m Australian bus and a case study outlining the experience with the Citaro fuel cell bus that successfully for many years in Western Australian.