BRE Super Quad Train & A-Frame Drawbar

Bruce Rock Engineering

Tiger Spider has engaged with Bruce Rock Engineering to provide data to Main Roads WA so that they can make an access determination with respect to a proposed 194.5 tonne 60.0 metre Super Quad Train combination (tri-axle trailers). Using the Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicle assessment framework the proposed vehicle was compared against both the PBS standards and a prescriptive 164 tonne 50.0 metre AAB-Quad.

After undergoing rigorous safety assessments to ensure that they were safe on public roads, the vehicles were approved for trial in mid-2015 by Western Australia's Transport Minister Dean Nalder who announced that "These vehicles are known as Super Quads and we have committed to an Australian-first trial of these roads trains to operate in the Pilbara region...Even though they are longer, these are state-of-the-art vehicles with improved safety and superior handling compared to the standard 53.5m road trains, the longest currently allowed on our roads".

For WA Transport Minister, Dean Nalder's full media statement, click here

BRE SuperQuad

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The Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) bolt in tow eye arched A-Frame drawbar has also been analysed for strength and fatigue by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) according to Australian Design Rule (ADR) 62/02 requirements.