Putzmeister 7-Axle Concrete Pump

Performance Assessment

At the request of Main Roads WA, CPE Machinery engaged Tiger Spider to assess the performance of a 7-axle concrete pump which incorporated Putzmeister Low Speed Steer Assist (LSSA) technology. This included three steering axles in the front, two drive axles, a non-drive steerable axle and a driven steerable axle.

Main Roads was concerned with the turning ability as well as the horizontal pavement loads of the vehicle. Using UM Truck and Trailer Tiger Spider was able to demonstrate that the horizontal pavement forces generated by the 7-axle concrete pump was less than that of a tri-axle semi-trailer.

In addition to completing computer simulation analysis, Tiger Spider engaged in field testing of the vehicle which included the assessment of braking performance.

DSC02525 DSC02561